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Every child, everywhere, on mission with God.


Working together to equip and empower children as participants in the Great Commission

Global Children’s Task Force

As missions and ministry leaders, we thank God for what continues to unfold around the world through the praise of children. We are witnessing a young generation being raised up that love God, love people and are making disciples.

In Ecclesiastes we read, “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.” Collaboration is a divinely blessed concept, and we see it happening now more than ever in ministry. Jesus’ prayer, make them one as we are one so the world may know, is being answered powerfully.

We live in exciting times as we get closer each day to Christ’s return. In preparation, we believe it’s God’s desire to see all generations working together to help finish the task of reaching the least and the last with the Gospel. The Great Commission is not for one people group; it is not for one age group, ministry, or denomination; it is for every believer to GO and make disciples among the nations including the children.

The Global Children’s Task Force is currently made up of about 36 ministry leaders and 29 organizations from all over the world whose passion is to reach children and youth with the gospel…rooting and discipling them in who they are in Christ…and releasing them as messengers of the gospel as they GO and make disciples in their own homes and communities.

This task force represents the power of global prayer, mission, and generational movements like: (International Prayer Connect, Global Voices of Prayer), Go Movement, Finishing the Task, the Global Alliance of Church Multiplication, Billion Soul Harvest, Transform World, and so many more.

Our vision is every child, everywhere on mission with God.

Our mission is working together to equip and empower children as participants in the Great Commission. We desire to work together to discover and identify effective, strategic models that can be shared and reproduced all over the world.

Our heart is to glorify God; to see His Kingdom come and Will be done; and to serve together the One who is worthy of all praise, glory and Honor, Christ himself.

If you and your organization are Kingdom focused and passionate about uniting the generations to fulfill the Great Commandments and the Great Commission, we are inviting you to join us.

Global Children’s Task Force Team

AABF (Africa)

Elias Apetogbo

Building a Difference: Media Ministry

Mick Richards

Children Everywhere- Global Children’s Forum

Alan Charter


Carol Magno

ECORD (Dominican Republic)

Esdras Medina

Evangelism Explosion

Beth Workman (Dir. USA Children’s Ministry)

Global Voice of Prayer

Anja Letsatsi

Go Movement Task Force leaders

Bill & Rosie Pezutti

Go To Nations media missionary

Mick Richards

Great Commission Coalition

Tom Victor

Hand in Hand

Ann Low & Marcus Silas

Hope for One

Christian Peters

IHOP (Children’s Dir.)

Lenny LaGuardia

Jesus Movement Italy *

Carmen Nocera

Jesus Week

Mick Richards

Kasr el Dobara Church *

Hala Tadros

Kings Kids International

Tim Gillette

Pearl Ganta

Lausanne Movement Children


Austen Aukachi & Taiwo Bammodu

National Prayer Network

Onassis Jeeverai

One Hope

Josue Collins, Manuela Guardado, Meshach Arun

Pakistan Sunday School Ministry *

Adnan Sandhu

Pebbles & Stones

Kathleen Trock & Raina

Precious Gift Ministry

Susan Nelson

Promise Ministries

Harold Lee

Urban Hope *

Chad McVann

The Prayer Covenant

Candy Marballi, Erin Schmidt

Think Small *

Gary & Paula Hays

ZimZam Global

Dave Meyers
Chris Centeio

4/14 Window Movement

Becky Olmstead (Co-chair)